Frequently Asked Questions about AMIA

Frequently Asked Questions about this Blog

Do the books have to be just released, brand new?

No, they don't.  I'd love to know about previous books that have been published *as long as they're in print* and a sample is online somewhere for readers to see. I need to be sure that the book actually exists before I can list it.

What types of books and publications will you list?

Both traditionally published and independently-published (self-published) books, novellas, short stories, audio books, etc.

How do I get listed on the AMIA blog?

I'll be listing books in these areas: traditional murder mysteries, suspense, romantic suspense, cozies, hardboiled PI books, police procedurals and others as the editor sees fit.  As long as they have a murder in them, they'll probably fit in.

Four requirements:

* Send me a short paragraph with a short synopsis of the book and a link to your website, blog, and book sales page (Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Amazon page, etc.)

*Send me a small photo I can use with the listing at 72 dpi.

* Send me a 3 or 4 sentence biography of yourself.

* I also ask that the author link back to the blog from their website or blog.  If you want to mention that your book has been included on the blog on Twitter, your Facebook page, or otherwise, feel free. :-)

Can I send you pre-publication news of a book?

Please wait until the book is available for sale online.  I list them as I get them, but space is pretty much unlimited.

How long will the books stay on the blog?

As long as they're in print and available to the public.

Is there any charge to get my book listed?

Nope! I'm doing this as a way for fellow authors to get the word out about their mystery/suspense books, and to also announce my books. At some point in the future, the blog might be monetized by ads from other related companies, or affiliate Amazon links, but the author listings will always be free.

What other types of things will the blog announce?

Short stories published online, new mystery writing blogs, awards, videos/book trailers posted on YouTube, etc.

Who do I contact?

Contact Bobbi A. Chukran, editor


  1. This is a great resource, Bobbi! Thank you. I'll be sending my info about NICE WORK by Denise Weeks, my debut contest-winning mystery from Oak Tree Press.

  2. Hi Bobbi! Thanks for this. I'll be in touch re A PURSE TO DIE FOR, from Imajin Books. Melodie

  3. Bobbi,
    What a fantastic idea! I'll be sending my info to you today.
    Patricia Gligor, author of "Mixed Messages."

  4. What a fantastic resource you're providing! I'll spread the word. This is how we reach readers these days. A friend who has a similar site for Romance novels is having huge success.

  5. What a fantastic thing to do for us mystery/suspense writers, Bobbi! I will be sending my info on TANGLED WEBS, available on Amazon,com. Thanks for doing this!