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A Murder is Announced! Issue Two

Dear mystery reader friends,

In this issue of A Murder is Announced!  I feature books by Susan Cory, Carol Verburg, Sally Carpenter, Leon Shure and Judith Ivie.

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A Murder is Announced! Issue Two 


A Debut Architectural Mystery in the Iris Reid series
murder mystery, architect sleuth, Susan Cory, Conundrum

When a Harvard Architecture School superstar plunges off the balcony at a graduation party, the police see an accident, not foul play. But fellow-student Iris Reid knows that any jealous member of the ruling clique would have relished pushing him off.

Twenty years later, a reunion is luring the same cast of characters back to Cambridge. The opening night dinner is being held in a Modernist house that Iris has designed. She hopes to untangle the events that led to her friend's death. But the murderer has other plans.

When a long-ago boyfriend turns up dead the night of the dinner, all the incriminating evidence points to Iris. What began as an attempt to avenge her old friend turns into a desperate race to avoid being framed by the clever killer—a killer capable of twisting the truth into a bloody conundrum.

"An exciting, engrossing tale of greed, deceit and murder"     THE KIRKUS REVIEW
architect mystery, murder mystery, Susan Cory novelist
About the Author

SUSAN CORY is an award-winning residential architect in Cambridge, Ma. Her debut mystery, CONUNDRUM, features Iris Reid, also a Cambridge architect, as an amateur sleuth trying to uncover a murderer at her Harvard reunion. 

Please visit Susan's website at http://www.susancory.com/

An Edgar Rowdey Cape Cod Mystery  

Cape Cod! To Lydia Vivaldi, it looks like sanctuary – until she learns her one friend in Quansett is dead. How could a skilled carpenter fall off a ladder at a film shoot? When Lydia lands a cooking job at Leo’s Back End, her questions are stonewalled by the flirtatious filmmaker and resented by the police. Only Edgar Rowdey, famous local author of creepy little books, shares Lydia’s doubts about the “accident.”

Can this unlikely pair of detectives find out what really happened before it happens again?


About the Author
Carol Verburg is best known as a playwright and director on Cape Cod, where she worked with remarkable artists including the late Edward Gorey, and as a freelance writer and editor in science and international literature. She now lives, writes, and teaches in San Francisco. The author of two mysteries, Croaked and Silent Night Violent Night, her most recent nonfiction book is Edward Gorey On Stage: Playwright, Director, Designer, Performer: a Multimedia Memoir.

For more information about Carol, visit her publisher's website:

# 5 in the Kate Lawrence mystery series

Kate’s turning 50, and as if that weren’t depressing enough, she’s about to become a grandmother—perhaps twice. Her investigation of a mysterious death at the Vista View retirement complex opens her eyes to the new realities of aging, some of which send her reeling. What really happened to the wealthy, tennis-playing cougar in Building One? Are residents covering up a sex-for-hire scandal? Will Kate’s longtime friend lose her job as Vista View’s business manager? Kate and her friends Margo and Strutter make it their business to discover the truth—or die trying.

Judith Ivey, murder mystery, Connecticut mystery

About the Author

A lifelong Connecticut resident, Judith Ivie has worked in PR, advertising and sales. In 2006, Judi broadened her repertoire to include fiction, and the popular Kate Lawrence mystery series, set in historic Wethersfield, Connecticut, was launched. Judith strives to provide entertaining reading that takes her readers away from their work and worries for a few hours, stimulates thought on a variety of contemporary issues, and gives them a laugh along the way.

Proceeds from on-line sales benefit Our Companions Domestic Animal Sanctuary in Ashford, CT.

Please visit Judith's website.

The first in the Kate Wehring Mystery series

by Leon Shure

Four bodies are found newly asphyxiated in a suburban park. Each has been missing and presumed dead for up to two years, and relatives have already been convicted for their murders. Reporter Kate Wehring is launched on a multi-state search that could solve a few of her own mysteries.
 The agency, Presumed Alive, proposed in Shure's story “The Search for Hanson Sted,” and its director, Hal Gordon, help Kate in the investigation.

About the Author

Leon Shure, a practicing attorney and former investigative reporter, is a life-long resident of the Chicago area. A graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, Shure worked for the Lerner Newspapers, the Day Newspapers, (now the Chicago Sun-Times), and Paddock Publications, a chain of daily newspapers in the Northwest suburbs where he worked as a police reporter. He received the Jacob Sher Award for Outstanding Investigative Reporting.

For information on other books in this series, as well as Leon's other series, visit his Amazon page.
The First book in the Sandy Fairfax Teen Idol Series
Eureka! Award finalist for best first mystery novel, 2012 Left Coast Crime

by Sally Carpenter

Beatles mystery

In the 1970s, teen idol Sandy Fairfax recorded ten gold records and starred in the hit TV show "Buddy Brave, Boy Sleuth." Now he's a 38-year-old recovering alcoholic, desperate for a comeback. A guest appearance at a Midwest Beatles fan convention turns deadly when a member of the tribute band is shot and the boy sleuth is back in action to find the killer. 
Beatles mystery novel author, Sally Carpenter

About the Author

Sally Carpenter is a former Hoosier now living in Moorpark, CA. She has a master’s degree in theater from Indiana State University and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She’s worked as an actress, college writing instructor, jail chaplain, tour guide/page for a major movie studio and at a community newspaper. She’s a member of Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles.
For more information:


  1. Thanks, Bobbi, for introducing me to this great collection of mystery writers. Nice blog site, too.
    When will Louie complete his mystery?

    1. Thank you! As for Louie, well, he's a procrastinator. He can't decide whether he wants to write a police procedural or a cozy featuring some four-legged sleuths. We hope to have his book by 2025. :-)

  2. Thanks for this showcase of small press titles, and thanks for including our author, Sally Carpenter, and her delightful novel! We have it on good info that she is hard at work on book 2 of the series.

    Also, greetings to Louie from Frida Kahlo (I am her human)...Louie looks like a relative of Frida!

    Billie Johnson
    Oak Tree Press

  3. Hey Billie! You're welcome. Sally's book looks like it would be a lot of fun.

    Ah, Frida! Great name for a cat. We actually have five more, all girls. Louie is a bit of a Romeo around here.

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